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New Digital Production Intern Student Focuses on SCF’s Brand, Stories, and Awareness

Bradenton, Fla. May. 16, 2024

New Digital Production Intern Student Focuses on SCF’s Brand, Stories, and Awareness

(Bradenton, Fla., May 16, 2024) Alan Curtis joined as a new digital production intern with the Communications and Government Relations (CAGR) department at the Ƶ College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) on May 7, 2024. Curtis will complete 120 hours of experiential learning and practice, serve as a SCF brand ambassador, and help bring the college’s brand, values, and stories to light.

Curtis is a lifelong Sarasota resident, Pine View School college-preparatory graduate, and SCF filmmaking major since summer 2022. He learned about the internship from a fellow filmmaking classmate who works in the CAGR department. On day one, Curtis participated in a training on the college’s branding and started to build out the digital production’s social media calendar for June.

In high school, Curtis developed his interest, skills, and experience in the field of digital media filmmaking. Memorable projects he worked on include interviews featuring two of Sarasota County’s historic treasures – The Legacy Trail and the now temporarily-closed Sarasota Classic Car Museum. The production and storytelling processes captivate him. 

“I like seeing it all come together,” said Curtis. “Let the story do the talking.”

Before joining SCF, Curtis studied at a local university where he was undecided about his academic direction. Inspired by the footsteps of his older brother who attends SCF as a web development major, Curtis transferred to SCF to further his path in filmmaking. At SCF, Curits feels proud to be part of a learning environment that demonstrates human connection, camaraderie, and teamwork. He plans to graduate with an associate in science degree in fall 2024.

“I’ve enjoyed it,” Curtis said. “Everyone’s willing to help each other, share ideas, and communicate. There are a lot of people who help me along the way.”

Curtis grew up with his brother and their parents – dad from New York and mom from Japan. Outside of school, Curtis plays video games with his brother, watches movies, including “Godzilla Minus One” in color and black and white, and speaks bilingual in English and Japanese, which he plans to continue learning. In the future, Curtis hopes to achieve living a comfortable life, wherever opportunities may take him.

“I am still deciding if I should go further, but that depends on if a job becomes available,” Curtis said. “In the next state over, Georgia has a blossoming film industry. I can go with anything that relates to digital film and digital production.”

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